Sandira Calviac is a frontier technology entrepreneur, advisor and investor with experience in: AR/VR/MR, 3D, 3D printing, entertainment/storytelling platforms, marketplaces, social algorithms, artificial intelligence, clean & civic technology, mobile/wireless, wearable, HCI, mesh networking and IoT.

Prior to scouting early-stage investments as as EIR at TAF, Sandira served as CEO of Voxiebox, a company she co-founded that built the world's first glasses-free 3D color holographic computing platform. Editor's and Audience's choice at TechCrunch Disrupt 2015, Voxiebox' unique volumetric display technology enables multiple users to view and interact in real time with true 3D content from any angle and without the need for eyewear, thus increasing face-to-face interactions.

Having started her career in her teens as a coder, winning accounts such as Forensic Science Service (Scotland Yard’s CSI), she subsequently moved to Paris for iBazar (now eBay France) where she built and marketed a consumer site then acquired by LibertySurf (now part of Telecom Italia). Recruited to handle partnerships and special projects at 01net (Vivendi Universal), she produced and launched its successful chat service, which is still in use today.

Prior to her leadership role at Voxiebox, Sandira served as VP, Strategic Alliances at Open Garden—peer-to-peer mesh networking platform behind off-the-grid messaging app FireChat, used to communicate during the Hong Kong protests or festivals such as Burning Man—while successfully closing a $10+M Series A round from top tier institutional investors. Overall, Sandira's efforts have contributed to the growth and successful exit of 5 entities.

A trained mediator, Sandira also enjoys mentoring entrepreneurs, speaking at conferences, the company of her friends, photography and exploring. Having lived in Europe, India, New York, Seattle and San Francisco, she can often be found connecting like-minded people.  




Sandira is a deeply analytical thinker, a consummate connector, and a compassionate advisor. Sandira was one of the first people I met in the NY community and over the years we have stayed connected on our various enterprises and professional progress. This all came to a head when, this past November, Sandira connected me with Jonathan Benassaya, CEO of StreamNation. That connection – and the value both of us placed on Sandira’s introduction – quickly led to an incredibly important relationship between the companies: StreamNation’s acquisition of Picturelife. I can honestly say that without Sandira’s unique ability to foster relationships Picturelife would not have been the success it ended up being, and in the process she created abundant value for StreamNation and our team. I can’t recommend someone more highly!
— Nate Westheimer, CEO & Co-Founder at Picturelife, Inc.
I know Sandira for more than 10 years now and she’s always been there for us. She is an incredible advisor, incredibly connected and one of the greatest people I personally know. Without her I would have never met Nate Westheimer from Picturelife and she has been instrumental in helping us in this transaction.
— Jonathan Benassaya, CEO & Founder at StreamNation
It was a pleasure working with Sandira at NMV— she has a strategic sensibility around connecting and convening people that is unmatched. I know she is going to rock whatever she does next!
— Lindsey Franklin, Program Manager at New Media Ventures
Sandira is a gem. She has incredible experience with emerging technologies and has shown an innate ability to link people and ideas together both for Scanbuy and the other companies she has worked for.
— Jonathan Bulkeley, CEO at Scanbuy, Inc. (ScanLife)
Sandira is a fabulous and renowned networker. She has an incredible drive and really makes things “happen”.
As a board member to Cyber Elles she has been a great help setting up our website and organizing terrific events.
I highly recommend Sandira as a remarkable professional.
— Severine Smadja, CEO at Cyber-Elles
Sandira is a very skilled international professional with a deep insight of the Industry. She is definitely the person to have on your side when it comes to networking, find new business opportunities and market a product.
— Guillaume Bril - eBay, SFR, Liligo, BeBoats

In the Media

The holograms are vibrant, detailed, and—perhaps most impressive—they move. Calviac called up a dragon, which flapped and turned on its axis. She also showed a group of dancers, a butterfly, and a globe, among other objects.
— Vice
After London and New York, Sandira Calviac settled in San Francisco, where she developed a somewhat crazy project with an Australian and a Scot: a cube called Voxiebox which enables the display of 3D content thanks to a holographic process. A digital crystal ball, in a way, that has raised the interest of Microsoft and Hollywood – no need for goggles or gear on your face to experience games in virtual reality.
Sandira Calviac remembers that when she was in France, people would tell her: “You have too many dreams, you might fail”. How could she leave Silicon Valley, where everything urges her to dream!
— Le Monde
Star Wars’ Most Iconic Special Effect Is Now Real
— Vanity Fair
Voxiebox Wins TechCrunch Disrupt 2015
Audience and Editors Choice Award.
VoxieBox Displays 3D Images Just Like R2D2’s Message From Princess Leia
— TechCrunch
Congratulations to @anthenor @shalunov @sandira & @dalijet of @OpenGarden for raising $10.8M #P2p #mobile #Internet
— @CraigArthurPete


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